Leisure with a Difference

Reclining Mountain Goddess

"Many adults have the feeling that something is missing in their lives when the problem is that their abilities to imagine and to create have gone dormant."
Nathan and Mirviss, Therapy Techniques Using the Creative Arts (2002)

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Letter of Recommendation Susan Walsh

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Leisure with a Difference

Enhancing cognitive and emotional well-being for all ages.

I use guided imagery* and creative arts to achieve the following goals:
  • Increased Self Knowledge
  • Relaxation
  • Understanding of Anxiety
  • Experience a sense of flow, of being totally engage and at peace with self during creative activity
  • Recognition of inner wisdom
  • Inner Child Awareness
  • A sense of satisfation and accomplishment
  • Introduction to aspects of good, strong, and skillful will
Anything can be creative. Exploring your particular creativity can open doors to a new you.

Susan is a self-taught visual artist with a BA in Psychology, diplomas in Therapeutic Recreation, Creative Arts Facilitation, Facilitator in Dialogue for Peaceful Change, Tatamagouche Model of Education and training in Psychosynthesis.

*Guided imagery uses the imagination to give us powerful yet gentle insight into our unconscious mind.

*Psychosynthesis is based on a positive view of human life, on seeing the human being as capable of learning to take responsibility for his/her life and of expressing the values and qualities that are most important to him or her.


"Susan opened a mental space where expression flowed, she guided us through a journey that melted away external noise."
(Denise Lynch, Artist, Chair Pictou County Arts Council)

"Susan Walsh's guided imagery gave me an opportunity to learn that I have a vast inner place within myself…Also, it has taught me to be able to tap into this place anytime, and anywhere I need a safe rejuvenating place to go to help me with life's challenges."
(Shelly Wood, RN, BScN Community Health Nurse, New Glasgow)

"My experience work with Susan was extremely positive and something I continue to draw upon in difficult personal and professional times."
(Lisa Rankin, Human Rights Activist)

"Susan's programs were well received and appreciated by staff and clients of New Hope Psychosocial Rehab Program. Susan is a highly creative person with genuine caring and many gifts to share with music and art."
(Maureen Jones, Department of Mental Health, Pictou County Health Authority.)


Transformation Through Conscious Willing

What is an act of will?

Every year I made New Year resolutions, which usually went like this: I will exercise regularly, I will read more. I will I will I will. Yet time and again I failed to meet my intention. What is an act of will, and what does it have to do with success or failure?

This workshop will use experiential exercises, guided imagery, free drawing/writing, and discussion to gain an understanding of three types of will: skillful will, strong will and good will.

You will experience the phases of intention, awareness, choice and action.

Reference: Piero Ferrucci, Your Inner Will, Finding Personal Strength in Personal Strength in Critical Times.

Centering Activities for Children

Children can feel more emotionally balanced when they learn how to find their psychological center. Through guided imagery exercises, discussion, free drawing/writing, children can gain confidence to think for themselves and resist peer pressure. Shy and/or quiet individuals can enjoy this experience as there is no pressure to talk or share feelings. Art materials provided.